Blue Waterfalls

Seven times Blue

We offer our clients seven blue waterfalls and three normal ones, and we understand that this is pretty awesome. Every waterfall has its characteristics and own beauty. Let’s have a closer look at them. Starting with the farthest one, and then we are moving downstream one by one.


To reach this blue waterfall, you have to cross the property to the southeast point. There you find the steps that bring you up into the forest. After 40 meters, you can see the other blue waterfall, Las Gemelas, deep beneath. Keep following the trail that brings you through an adorable peaceful part of the forest. Look around and spot all the incredible details of a cloud forest. The trees, the plants, and especially the moshes. And fill your lungs with fresh mountain air.

After a few hundred meters through the forest, we descend to the blue river, crossing it and walking it upstream for another 100 meters.

While walking, be amazed by the beauty around you. That beauty is all over; the rocks, river stones, the way the riverbed is shaped, old broken pieces of wood, and the 1.000 colors of green. Stroll and open your senses until you reach the waterfall.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Tepezquintle.

Las Gemelas

The name translated from those two blue waterfalls right next to each other is The Twins. For now, the most famous and visited one as we started to offer these waterfalls first. It is easily reachable and only a 12-minute leisurely mud-free stroll from the entrance. By the way, those 12 minutes is a green treat. When reaching the entrance of Las Gemelas, it takes only ten little steps to enter another zone. Instantly you move from a Green world to a Blue one. Crossing the blue river now is easy and safe with the blue bridge, which offers you beautiful views towards one of the Gemelas, and on the other side, you can spot the blue rapids. Turn right, and after an easy 30 meters, the beauty of the right Gemela will open up to you.

Las Gemelas - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Let the beauty of the greenery, the blue water, and the canyon sink in. Then, safely cross the rock, and the second Gemela, with a different blue color, will appear on the left. Maybe a noisy spot, but so impressive. Enjoy!

La Celestial I & II

It consists of two blue waterfalls, a little one followed by a bigger one. As the small, upper blue waterfall is not safely reachable yet, the second is. Before reaching the intersection of Tepezquintle and Las Gemelas, there is a trail going left; after a 100-meter walk next to the primary forest, with excellent views to the left or west, you find the entrance on the right-hand side. Going down in a zig-zag patron through the woods, completely safely, you enter a bowl in the river bedding, a dry one.


In the case of a water avalanche, the water will come down at this point with all its might. Look around, and you can see the evidence. Crossing some rocks and a trail, you finally reach the river with the La Celestial showing its beauty. Swimming is allowed but be careful. Look around and enjoy the rock formations and greenery. La Celestial is one of the most famous blue waterfalls for taking a dip, adults only, as the currents at the waterfall can be intense.

La Turquesa

This little blue waterfall is so cute and perfect for a nice swim. If you pass the La Celestial entrance, keep going north on the trail for another 100 meters. Turn right at the sign and walk through the primary forest another 75 meters slowly downhill. Turn right, make a few tiny steps into the river and walk upstream for 20 meters. Enjoy this little paradise.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - La Turquesa.

La Pintada

La Pintada is something different. We never saw a shape like this ourselves.Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to enter the river at this point for safety reasons. But the lookout we created will blow your mind—a blue waterfall tumbling in a horseshoe shape section, surrounded with lush greenery. As far as we know, unique in this world. Worth checking it yourself.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - La Pintada.

Why is the river Blue?

Why is the river blue? Well, it is optical. The water contains a mineral called aluminum sulfate that is bigger than average. And when the light (from the sun) shines on it, the water reflects a blue color. Read the study from the University of Costa Rica here.


Here is a brief description of the blue waterfalls you can find in our place. Try to check them all. But be aware that you need time for it. On another page, we will describe some other waterfalls on the property shortly from now. Thank you so much for reading here, and see you soon.

You are more than welcome!

Down Under

Hereunder you will find another two astonishing videos made by our friends from Australia. The first video is a highlight, and the second one is the full version. Be aware that the first part of either video shows Blue Falls of Costa Rica, and the second part of either video shows Catarata Del Toro.

Visit on YouTube the Highlight or the Full version.

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