We will finish the last meters of the trails, including the internal signs. We will put more seating so you can relax at any point. We will plant 6 kilometers of plants and flowers along the inner fence and even more trees. We will finish the garden at the top, providing unique views. We will finish the lakes, build shelters and restrooms, and add parking lots. We will do as much as possible to make it more beautiful daily..


We are thrilled to announce the opening of new trails, creating a 100 % circle trail that connects all our offerings. This new trail includes a new blue lake and additional waterfalls, promising a unique and exhilarating experience. We also have other exciting ideas to enhance your visit to our nature park.

Most beautiful

With the most beautiful parts of nature already bestowed upon us—the rivers, trees, and natural layout—our commitment is to enhance the project in complete harmony with nature, or at least as much as possible. But all the above is only Deo Volente.

View - Blue Falls of Costa Rica
Blue Falls of Costa Rica - trails.

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