Rest of 2023

Finish all the trails to all blue waterfalls, safe and secure and mud-free. Finish all internal signs. Put all over seating’s so you can relax at any point. Fix existing roads and existing fencing, plant 6 kilometers of plants and flowers along the inner fence, and plant even more trees. We are starting the garden at the top, which will provide unique views.


Connect the lakes, maintain the planted trees, connect the blue lake, and connect the white river trail and maybe a forest trail. We also are planning to upgrade our Blue Full tour to make it even more extreme with an extra loop through another river, rocks, and forest.

Most beautiful

With the most beautiful parts already given to us, like the rivers, trees, and the layout, we just want to improve the project in full harmony with nature or at least as much as possible. And all the above: Deo Volente.

View - Blue Falls of Costa Rica
Blue Falls of Costa Rica - trails.

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