Support needed

Support needed

We like to use this moment to draw your attention to the most needed ones in Central-America. Like always, that is the children. AMG Guatemala, a Christian non-profit organization, that helps almost 8.000 children daily. They provide food, education, medical care, safety, the Gospel, and more. Nearly all of these children are from broken families and are in some way (severe) hurt, and therefore, they need your help. So, please watch the video hereunder, which will show you the ‘why.’

You can find their website here, and please support it.

And due to your support, a child’s life will change for the best!

Thank you.

AMG support needed

Consider helping

We, as a business, are committed to helping what we can. So, therefore we are sponsoring some children through AMG Guatemala. Hereunder you will see a photo of our visit in August 2018 and most noteworthy: they were so gentle and sweet! And the second picture clearly explains their needs. We know very well that we, as one or two persons, cannot change or save the world. But instead of pretending not to see, hear, or know (because in the end, we all understand, hear, and know). We are trying to help a few getting a better future. So, do not overthink the big world problems and try to help at least one child.

Thank you for your attention. We appreciate that.

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