Blue Falls of Costa Rica, Nature as Perfect as it can get

Blue Falls of Costa Rica,
Nature as Perfect as it can get

Please read this: We depend on the weather, especially now in the rainy season. The weather and the river’s flow can change rapidly. We can close the access to the blue river anytime. A tour guide is obligated, which we will provide for free. The best time to see the Blue Falls and its colors is in the morning. So, please come as early as possible. In case of a closure, Catarata Del Toro is always accessible. Your safety is our priority.

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 07.00-17.00, and Sunday is closed, no reservations are required.

Blue Blue Blue

Does that not sound desirable: blue waterfalls and pools surrounded by lush tropical forests? Believe it or not, it is possible.

Welcome to the Blue Falls of Costa Rica, Nature as Perfect as it can get. We only think of Blue and Green with nothing in between. And know that not one photo on this website is photoshopped.

This privately-owned ecological blue waterfall project is still in its development stage (51%). We are still working on many things to do as Blue and Green as possible. But trust us that we are 100% committed to conserving the natural environment and beauty around us. We are working hard to get it done right.

But you can already experience your most incredible blue waterfall experience in Costa Rica.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - happy friends.

Beyond imagination

We are astonished every day when we enter the project. Loving the green views of the mountains, volcanoes, and forest. To see a wide variety of tropical trees with different shapes and looks. Crossing rivers, feel spied upon on the forest trail. Entering the blue world to behold the most amazing blue waterfalls. It fills us daily, with grace and a sense of immense inner peace.

La pintada waterfall

Blue Beauty

Blessed with not less than seven blue waterfalls and three normal ones. So you can speak of a Blue Beauty, and not one jota is misspelled here. But honestly, it is not only the blue waterfalls that make it unique. The combination of the blue waterfalls and blue pools with the green forest, the canyons, the volcanoes, the views, and the wildlife makes it what it is.


Blue Location

Our location is perfect. Close enough for a day trip from the San José area, and if you are driving towards La Fortuna, Arenal, we are precisely halfway located, and you will also enjoy a fantastic scenic route. So adjust your itinerary a little bit for a few hours. Roads are all paved, and no need for a 4×4. See Google maps: ‘Blue Falls of Costa Rica, Alajuela Province, Bajos Del Toro.”

Blue Video

See the video at the end of this page for the first impression. Another option to enjoy Blue Falls of Costa Rica is to check the other pages on this website. And the best option available here is to plan your blue-in-person visit.


Entrance fee USD 15.
day to Saturday from 07.00-17.00 hours, Sunday is closed.

For your planning: We are open on Monday, December 25th, 2023, and Monday, January 1st, 2024.

Be sure that if you are not satisfied, neither are we.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - La Celestial.

Blue Advise

As we have no crowds, you will have a lot of privacy and space. Especially when you come early. If it fits, start early. Probably you want to spend more time than you thought you would. And to finish your day more than ideal you also can visit the incredible Catarata Del Toro waterfall. Be aware that, at least in the rainy season, the mornings generally are better than the afternoons.

Be welcome

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Kissing couple.

Blue Tears of Joy

We want to share this video; keep tissues at hand; so beautiful! Many go on their knees in front of one of our blue waterfalls. You are welcome :).


Good to know that your safety is our priority. We are continually investing time and money to keep everything safe as possible. We have all the up-to-date permits which are needed to operate. And in case of an accident, we have our liability insurance. So, feel safe to visit us. Read more about the dangers here.

Catarata Del Toro

Please do not forget to visit: Catarata Del Toro – Costa Rica’s Ultimate Secret©. Definitely, the biggest and most beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica. It throws itself into an old extinct volcanic crater.

Beautiful picture of Catarata Del Toro waterfall.

 Swimming allowed   –    No pets

Blue Waterfalls ——–——– Blue Pools