Free Birds

Free Birds

Welcome to the place where the birds are free.

National bird counting day 2022

The national bird counting day 2022 was held on the 22nd of January. Again, we had the help and support of a professional team of birders. They counted in twenty-four hours 76 species. See the list here. We want to thank everybody involved in this beautiful event organized by the – Costa Rican Bird Route 2022. You can contact them at if you want more information.

Bird at Catarata Del Toro waterfall.

Plans and plants

As the property of Blue Falls of Costa Rica has a lot of primary forests, open fields, and riversides, you can find the same kind of birds as at our sister project Catarata Del Toro. See hereunder the ‘Catch’ of one day. Maybe you see fewer hummingbirds. The good thing is that we are planting all kinds of fruit trees from the area. And they are coming up very well. Also, we are planting more plants and bushes, and then later, some particular bird spotting areas will be constructed. So, it will be nice to stroll around here.

Bird 7 - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

The ‘Catch’ of one day

On a Saturday in August 2020, an area tour guide visited us with his wife. Both are enthusiastic professional birders. From 3.00 pm till 10.00 am the next day, they spotted the following birds: Tropical kingbird, Melodious Blackbird, Swallow-tailed Kite, Slaty flower purser, Cherrie’s tanager, White-tailed kite, Slaty-backed nightingale thrush, Streak headed woodcreeper, White hawk, Scaly throated foliage gleaner, Scaly-breasted pygmy tyrant, Streak breasted tree hunter, Spotted barb tail, Sooty faced finch, Chestnut-capped brush finch, Buff-rumped warbler, Black-breasted wood quail, Black-breasted wood wren, Common tody flycatcher, Common bush tanager, Brown jay, Yellow-faced grassquit, Slate-throated Redstar, Blue-grey Tanager, Montezuma oropendola, Peg-billed finch, Crested guan, Rufous-winged woodcreeper, Silver throated tanager, Thorntail hummingbird, Brown violet ear hummingbird, Green hermit, Green-crowned brilliant, Black-bellied Hummingbird, Rufous-tailed hummingbird, Coppery headed Emerald, Violet Sabrewing, Purple-throated mountain gem, Collared trogon, Black vulture, Clay-colored thrush, Social flycatcher, and the Rufous-collared sparrow.

Something impressive not?

The ‘Catch’ of one day – continued.

The before mentioned couple have finished their list. There were an astonishing 174 species in just two days, and now the counter stands at 212 species. On both our properties. Under which the some endemic species. We like to share the complete list in a Word document or PDF file

According to the authors, more species follow in the coming summer months. We will keep you informed.

hawk catarata del toro

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