Internal rules

Dear visitor,

We appreciate your visit here on the website and hopefully later in person at Blue Falls of Costa Rica. As we are welcoming everyone, with no exceptions, but we do ask you politely to respect our internal rules, which are:

– No yoga.
– No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol.
– No pets as you enter a conservation area, and pets will disturb the precarious natural balance.
– Swimming is permitted.
– Please stay on the trails and do not cross lines and fences.
– For your safety, always be aware of falling rocks, trees, and branches, and watch where you are walking.
– Please enjoy all the flowers, plants, trees, branches, mushrooms, rocks, mosses, etcetera, which you definitely will discover along the trails. Feel free to take pictures of it, smell it, and memorize it, but under no circumstances should you touch it, take it, or disturb it, as many more fellow visitors who also want to enjoy all that beauty are coming soon.
– Bring back all your waste so you can dispose of it.
– Neither disturbs nature in any way, such as screaming and yelling.
– Please do not make commercial videos, photos, audio, or otherwise without prior approval.
– If you want to do a photo shoot, a wedding, or any other activity, please contact us to see if it’s possible.
– Only practice outdoor activities other than walking or hiking the trails with prior approval.

With these internal rules, we can make it an enjoyable experience for you and your fellow visitors, now and in the future.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation,


The Management
Blue Falls of Costa Rica

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