Green Nature

Beautiful Lush Green

Besides the blue river, blue waterfalls, and blue pools, we want to emphasize also the green side of this project. You can have the most beautiful waterfall or river, but it is not that interesting without the green part. All visitors are always amazed at how green Costa Rica is. So, yes, we offer a lot of green too.


Untouched forest

The property is 51 hectares big; on the south side, there are 15 hectares of primary forest, untouched. So, while coming from the entrance towards the first blue waterfalls, you can enjoy those giants. Look up into their crowns and see how everything grows. Indulge that beauty, especially at the section where you walk to the Tepezquintle waterfall.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Yellow anteater

Primary trail

On both sides of the primary trail, we have already planted hundreds of trees, all native ones. And many of them, in a couple of years, will produce fruits of all kinds. And that will attract birds, mammals and so on. The various creeks in the property always had some greenery; now, we extend those sections. Not a bit, but significant. Standing at the 360° lookout point and looking left and down: it is all reforested. And more to come, a lot more. We like to put our efforts where our mouth is.

Blue jungle - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Video and Trail camera

We want to share a little video where you can spot a Tyra with you. What a beautiful animal! The point is that our strict rules of no hunting, no pets, and planting trees are paying off. We have seen more animals. As soon as we have a video, we will share it. We have put a trail camera on our other property, and you can see what showed up right here.

Birdview - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Your private green spot

If you want to have private spots to enjoy nature, ask one of our guides. Soon we are upgrading the signs so that you wander on your own. So, you can explore the property and find all kinds of plants, moshes, trees, animals, you name it. We keep working, and in the meantime, you find your private spot and enjoy. But be careful, please. You are welcome.

Blue Pools ——–——– Free Birds