Friendly Prices

Prices 2024

Hereunder you can find our very friendly prices. We want to offer a high-quality experience for a very fair price. We provide real value for your money. We hope to see you soon.

Blue swimming - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Adults: USD 17
Children 4-12: USD 8.50

Combo –
Blue Falls of Costa Rica
and Catarata Del Toro

Adults: USD 25
Children 4-12: USD 12.50

The Combo, our best-seller, takes 4 to 5 hours; the best value for your money.

You do not need a reservation. All tours start at Catarata Del Toro; restrooms are available. You can pay on arrival in cash in USD, Euros, or Colones or with a credit card.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 07.00 – 17.00, Sunday closed. The latest entrance is at 16.00 hours. Our parking lot is safe and secure, so you can leave your luggage with peace of mind, and there are no additional parking fees. For more information and reservations, please get in touch with us.

Dirt Cheap

Costa Rica is a bit pricey; we must acknowledge this. So, we decided to keep the prices for 2024 low. In other words, you can visit six blue waterfalls, swimming pools, and all the other amenities for only USD 17, which is dirt cheap.

Consider the Combo – which includes the Catarata Del Toro waterfall. Better than this, it will not get.

Also, we want to explain a little bit about what you get for your entrance fee: We dedicated the entire 51 hectares or 127 acres of the farm to this purpose, including the whole infrastructure of trails, bridges, gardens, fences, steps, lookouts, picnic areas, and free guides for your security. We also protect nature and wildlife with significant parts of reforestation, guarded parking, and restrooms. Furthermore, we have insurance and all legal permits, and we pay taxes. And you support many local families by giving them excellent jobs. And, of course, the experience of all those blue waterfalls and overwhelming nature and beauty. Thank you from all of us for your business

Be sure that if you are not satisfied, neither are we.

Please read the information hereunder

Blue Falls of Costa Rica

The minimum time you should consider is 2 hours, but now you can easily spend 3 to 4 hours, or if it fits you, the whole day. There is no minimum age; however, you must watch your children. We always will have tour guides watching, advising, and helping.

The walking distance to the first two blue waterfalls is 1 km from the parking. The total walking will be between 2 km and 6 km roundtrip, depending on how many waterfalls you visit. It is an easy to moderate walk.

There are six blue waterfalls and many pools to visit. You can freely choose how many of them you want to explore. It is all up to you. Also, we now offer very nice viewpoints and picnic areas. No reservations are needed.

La Celestial 9 - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

What can you expect, what can you bring, and what can we supply?

You can expect beauty, up to six blue waterfalls, rapids, a virgin forest, and a beautifully secluded part of the river. Besides that, blue swimming pools, mountains, birds, views, a beautiful hike, a workout, a good feeling, and happiness to be back. So, let’s beat your expectations! If you purchased the combo, the next tour would be Catarata Del Toro, Costa Rica’s Ultimate Secret®.

You must bring walking shoes or boots, anti-slip tennis- or water shoes for the swimming part, or just old tennis shoes for the entire trip, swimming gear, anti-mosquito repellent, a sun blocker, 1.5 liters of drinker water, snacks, and a camera.

We supply a safe and guarded parking lot, restroom before and after, a walking stick, a tour guide, and the most beautiful experience.


Duration: 2-3 hours.
Age: 4 – 67+
Weight: Easy to medium
Total Walking Distance: 2 – 6km.
Price: USD 17.
Reservation: It is not needed.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 07.00 – 16.00 hours and Sunday is closed.

The best time will be early mornings during the rainy season, and the final opening hours depend on the weather. And if you want to do Catarata Del Toro, Costa Rica’s Ultimate Secret®, on the same day, the combo price will be USD 25 = value for money!

Note: Age limits are just an indication. If you are 67+ but healthy and fit, then, of course, you are welcome. If you have any questions about the age limits, please contact us.

Safety, liability, internal rules, and other important stuff

Necessary to know and accept: Accept limitation of liability, no pets. We offer no transportation.

The tours are as safe as possible. We work with a very high level of security. Getting to higher grounds and safety is easy when an earthquake or another natural disaster occurs. We also offer the most convenient access. Our liability insurance is up-to-date. We care for nature; we pay and treat our employees fairly and squarely.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Las Gemelas.

Important Information for all tours

You must bring walking shoes or boots, anti-slip tennis- or water shoes, a good solution is old tennis shoes for the entire trip. Also, bring swimming gear, anti-mosquito repellent, a sun blocker, 1.5 liters of drinking water, snacks, and a camera.

We supply a safe and guarded parking lot, restrooms before and after, walking sticks, and the most beautiful experience. Naturally, the best time will be early morning during the rainy season, and the final opening hours depend on the weather.

Bird view of La Celestial waterfall.

As of September 1st, 2023, we no longer offer the Blue Falls Extreme tour. At least not in its present form. 

There are a few reasons for this. First, we have significantly improved the trails and waterfront access. Everyone can visit all waterfalls on the same entrance ticket. Secondly, it showed that most clients did not have the energy to do more after seeing all the waterfalls already included in the standard entrance ticket. So, there is no justification for the price difference anymore. That is why.

Nevertheless, there are many opportunities to offer an extreme tour. But maybe that extreme tour is too intense for most. The other point of selling is that many love to have their private tour guide anyway—especially single female visitors. So, we will return to you later this year with a newly designed tour. But if you need or prefer to have your private tour guide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us upfront, and we will arrange this against a small compensation.  

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Tepezquintle.

Catarata Del Toro

Catarata Del Toro is the most impressive waterfall in Costa Rica, and it is second to none in beauty and splendor. It throws itself 90 meters into an old extinct volcanic crater. The time needed for the two trails is 90 minutes. Besides the waterfall, you can enjoy countless hummingbirds, birds, views, plants, and nature. If the weather in the Blue Falls of Costa Rica differs from what it should be, this is the perfect backup. We recommend the combo tour for people with a lot of energy. More information on this project: Catarata Del Toro. 

Beautiful picture of Catarata Del Toro waterfall.

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