Blue Pools

Blue swimming pools – how many do you want to explore?

Honestly, at this moment, we do not even know how many blue swimming pools we can offer you—at least twelve. Soon we will try to make an inventory of all eligible swimming pools. But, for now, we want to share the most well-known ones.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Tepezquintle.

Poza Azul

The most well-known swimming pool so far. Easily accessible, with only a few steps, very spacy, and very important: a very gentle increase of depth. So, anyone, even your little ones, can enjoy a blue swimming pool here. The depth increases slowly but steadily until you reach the end of the rapids. Currents here are a little stronger. The lush green forest around is an excellent photo-genetic spot.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Kissing couple.

Upper river

At least three spots to swim in the upper part of the river, the Tepezquintle area. First, of course, at the Tepezquintle waterfall itself. But check the other spots too. Ask the tour guide.

Blue pool 6 - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

Las Gemelas

At the Las Gemelas waterfalls, you have three pools to splash around. Just be very careful at the swimming pool after the Las Gemelas. When the water tumbles in the pool, the currents can be strong and treacherous. So, please, do not let your kids swim here.

La Gemela Gata - Blue Falls of Costa Rica

La Celestial

Here you find a swimming pool beneath this beautiful blue waterfall. Enjoy and be careful.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - La Celestial.

Lower section

The lower section of the river offers you a few nice swimming pools; the one at La Turquesa is a must-do one.

Then at the final part of the river, you find a vast blue lake, but we do not recommend jumping in this one as it is also the inlet for a hydroelectric plant.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - La Turquesa.

Note One:

All the other blue swimming spots not mentioned here are already available on the Blue Full tour. And we are trying to make them accessible as soon as possible.

Note Two:

Then there are also four or five other spots for a swim in the white river. You can find one left of the first bridge and the second after the bridge following the seating sign. Just another 50 meters ahead. If you are looking for a private spot, this is the one. Concerning the rest: we will try to make them available as soon as possible.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica - Turquesa

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