Critical notice

We depend on the weather; the weather and the river’s flow can change rapidly. We can close the access to the blue river anytime. A tour guide is obligated, which we will provide for free. In the rainy season, the best time to see the Blue Falls and its colors is in the morning. So, please come as early as possible. It is all for your safety and our peace of mind. In case of a closure, know that Catarata Del Toro is always accessible.


As Costa Rica is a beautiful country and everything looks so good, you can sometimes forget that there are also dangers. We want to explain some of them, so it increases your awareness.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica

The dangers are floodings, slippery rocks, currents, and maybe a snake. So, be careful in the rainy season, get out when there is an earthquake, big or small, no jumping into the river, walk carefully, and watch where you put your hands and feet. When you swim, be aware of turbulence inside the water in front of the waterfalls and rapids.

Bajos Del Toro area

The dangers are:

Tours to the Poás: It is illegal, and that is for a reason. The volcano is active; it can have an explosion at any moment. And then you do not want to be near. See the video here. Also, the volcano expulses gases continuously, and they are not noticeable. Those gases will damage your lungs; read here and here.

Rappel tours can be fun and exciting. But be careful in the rainy season. And only contract the best of the best as you do not want to risk your life. We only have 100% trust in Drops Canyoning at +506 8667-6370 or +506 8892-3048.

Costa Rica in general

– Driving is not that bad; go slow.
– Beaches: be highly cautious for rip-tides.


To finish

You got the message, enjoy your adventures in Costa Rica but know that back home is always somebody who loves you.

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